Version 0.5.38 improvements

The new version of is out, so let's look at the changes that come with the upgrade.

Setup Wizard

Getting to know each new software is a time-consuming endeavor. Finding the necessary features and implementing them requires a certain change in existing habits. Each software is unique in terms of its capabilities and usage.

We've added a setup wizard to to help the user get a quick overview of the configuration needs and guide the user quickly to the program setup. Depending on the user's license, will show you the license-specific configuration needs in the wizard.

If there is no need to complete the setup immediately, you can minimize it. By completing all the settings, the program will no longer display the wizard and you can be sure that the necessary settings are set.


A calendar module is a place where you can add national holidays as well as other important events for the company. Also, in some countries, the calculation of holiday or sick pay depends on the holidays of the period. So, this is the registry where takes this data.

We made it pretty plain and simple - just select the date and describe the event. The calendar does not have much use at the moment, but it will become a important register in the future.

Unpaid sick days

It depends on the state's laws to what extent the sick day is paid and which party's expenses are involved - the employee's, employer's, or the state's. Susan now keeps records of cases where paid sick days have been exhausted and further sick days are considered an employee expense.


The points listed above are probably the most important Susan changes in this version. We ourselves consider the setup wizard to be a nice addition and the calendar module will definitely get more attention in the future.

It's time to upgrade your version of Susan and find these new features. Read full list of changes from here.