Designed to make retail sales anywhere

Some processes can be automated between the sales department and accounting.

Sales are recorded in the accounting

Collecting sales summaries in different systems can cause data errors. This can be automated easily. At the end of the sales day, summaries are already recorded in Susan accounting.

Indoor and outdoor sales

Most point of sales software requires an internet connection. With Susan's point of sale it does not matter, is there an internet connection available or not.

Coming out at the end of the year!

Susan's point of sale is currently under heavy development. We are happy to share release news here on our website.

For Small Shops

A point of sale system is one of the most crucial pieces in your sale operation. Moving the sales data manually to accounting can cause human errors and is an additional cost over time.

For Salesman

Outdoor sales will support your business. With Susan, your point of sale is always available - with or without internet.