What is payroll? A 2022 guide to processing payroll

Most of us probably have heard about Payroll accounting software. But do you know what payroll actually is? And what does it involve? Well, Payroll is the compensation that a company pays to its employees for a specific period of time or on a specific day. Payroll is the procedure of paying a company's employees that involves keeping track of hours worked, calculating pay, and disbursing payments to staff members via direct deposit or check.

Steps involved in completing payroll

Here's a description of the steps necessary in effectively executing payroll from scratch as a business function.

  1. Onboarding new employees to the payroll system
  2. Creating a wage policy for your company
  3. Developing salary components for the entire compensation structure
  4. Collect payroll information from employees and teams that are dependent on them
  5. Calculate the total compensation that will be paid to all employees
  6. Genuine payslips and tax worksheets must be distributed
  7. Prepare tax records
  8. Complete tax filing for all statutory requirements (SSS, HDMF, Philhealth remittances)

Essential payroll components

There are several components in the processing of payroll. We've structured them into 3 categories: employee information, salaries and wages, and deductions.

  1. Employee information
  2. Salaries and wages
    • Gross pay
    • Employee time
    • Overtime pay
    • Benefits contributions and reimbursements
    • Additional income (tips, commissions, and bonuses)
    • Net pay
  3. Deductions
    • Payroll withholdings
    • Wage garnishments
    • Benefit deductions

What is the need for businesses to do payroll?

Payroll has a significant impact on a company's net income. It's also a business role governed by a number of laws and regulations. Because of the legal and ethical implications of payroll, it is essential for companies to process payroll and keep a clean record of it.

Some of the usual notions that develop among employees about your organization in circumstances where they are unable to keep a clean record include financial instability of the company and inadequate and unreliable management.

What can Payroll accounting software accomplish?

Payroll management is possible, and it's what corporations used to do before the advancement of technology. Payroll management can require a lot of time and effort, even for small organizations as well. In addition to the huge amount of time it takes to analyze Payroll information, even minor human errors might occur unknowingly, resulting in bigger issues.

The variety of different parts involved in the payroll processing procedure was demonstrated above in the post. It is quite difficult to handle and manage the information and the numerous procedures by hand. Many businesses use payroll software to guarantee that the data is accurate, and technology is now at your fingertips. Many of these tasks can be automated and performed quickly, thanks to payroll accounting software.