Review the opportunities provided with Cloud

Like humans, software needs to communicate with others.

Online accounting

The same tools and data are available as in Accounting but in an online environment.

Mobile solutions

By providing mobile solutions to your smartphones and tablets, it eliminates the need to purchase new equipment. Use hardware you already have.

Integration with software you own

Different software has different purposes. Even when we don't know your business characteristic, sharing data between systems can give a new perspective to anyone.

New applications

The software development department can create new and custom applications for your business. They just using data provided by Susan.

Online sales directly to accounting

Many sales are made online. To avoid any data loss and human errors, online sales data can be recorded in the accounting instantly.

Release date will be announced soon!

Susan Cloud is in testing phase. We are happy to share release news here on our website.

For Enterprises

Both small and large companies exchange data between different information systems. When your business runs online, use accounting functionality provided by Cloud.

For Developers

Developers can create totally new applications and software solutions for your business. Integration with Cloud is simple.